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We are doing visuals and light concepts for events and artists.
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Clients include: AUTIST (Band), IAMX (Band), Losers (Band), DNA BLN (Music festival), Light and Darkness / Landstreicher Konzerte (Festival), Schwuz Berlin, Ralph Lauren / Vice Deutschland, GoSee / Prince Charles (Fair), Twist in my Sobriety / Your Moms Agency (Art exhibition)

Stage visuals and demos

Selected client works, request password if nescessary.

AUTIST - Interlude (tour visuals), AUTIST - Time travel (tour visuals), IAMX - Walk with the noise (tour visuals), AUTIST - Second eye (tour visuals), IAMX - I come with knives (tour visuals), IAMX - Animal impulses (tour visuals), AUTIST - Realism (tour visuals), IAMX - Sorrow (tour visuals), Live VJ demo 5, Aniaetleprogrammeur - Live in SO36 (2012), AUTIST - You know (tour visuals), IAMX - Screams (tour visuals), AUTIST - Bloody monday (tour visuals), Live VJ demo 1, Live VJ demo 2, Live VJ demo 3, IAMX - The unified field (tour visuals), IAMX - Trials (tour visuals), AUTIST - I bet you stalk me (tour visuals), Live VJ demo 4, dev01ded - CAVITAT(Performance art piece), The third eye (fashion runway visual), BREACH/DISRUPT (video art), I'm wearing myself out / it's wearing itself out (video art installation / performance), imitate (video art), still birth / still breath (Performance art piece), entrencher (art installation docu), (r) (Performance art piece), 2.0 (Performance art piece), SOUNDSCAPE POETRY (docu 31 08 12), still birth / still breath (Performance art piece),